Cyber Mann - Services

Our range of services can be broken down into the following four areas.


We can audit and assess your current computer network and devices, such as PCs and printers, and the software that they run to determine where potential vulnerabilities lie and provide recommendations on how to better protect your network and data. This assessment includes staff who may may work remotely or travel with business equipment and data.


It is not enough to just identify weaknesses in your computer network and how your data is stored, these weaknesses need rectifying and monitoring to ensure they are protected around the clock. We offer a managed security package where we regularly review your computer system, keeping them updated and maintaining the best security measures to ensure your devices and valuable data remain safe.

This is complimented by providing you with updates on the latest techniques cyber criminals are using in your sector and data breaches that may affect you.


In the event your computer network is subject to unauthorised access or you are victim of a data breach, our team can help you respond and identify how an attacker gained access and what was accessed. The evidence collected during an incident response is crucial to learning how to defend your systems and needs to be acquired quickly and correctly as it may be required by your business insurance or in criminal proceedings.


It is not just the technical measures that keep your data safe from cybercriminals, it is also you and your staff. We provide training to help raise awareness of the risks and threats that cybercrime poses to individuals as well as organisations.

Our training can help you surf the web more safely and privately, help you identify phishing emails, use stronger passwords, have safer social media settings and more.