Welcome to Cyber Mann - Business

At Cyber Mann, we believe people come before profit.

We believe businesses should not have to worry about cybercrime while trying to change their business models to fit with the new normal.

We are offering all our services on a "Pay what you can" scheme.

Seriously ? ...... "Yes"

Of course we want to make a living but we also want to live in a community where people are safe and secure both offline and online.

By helping secure people now , we hope to forge business relationships that last years not moments.

Our Ethics:

We believe in the idea of corporate social responsibility.

We are here to help.

Built on Research:

The creation of Cyber Mann and the tools and content on this site have been shaped by research in the area of cyber security and guided by the results of a survey of the Island's residents.

You can find more about Cyber Mann under the About section on the top menu.

Your Site - Your Learning:

The success of Cyber Mann is in the hands of you, the user of the site. If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you have a question you would like answered then please go to the Ask A Question page on the top menu or email us at info@cybermann.im. and let us know.

Our survey showed 87% of respondents wanted to be able to ask questions about online safety so please ask away.