Scam Calls

How can I Spot a Scam Call?

While it is very easy to be caught off guard with a phone call, it is important to think about what they are asking and why they would be asking it. Your bank, for example, will never ask for sensitive information to be given to them over the phone, so if you have someone calling you saying that they are from your bank and need you to give them details of account numbers or your PIN number, this is very likely to be a scam call and you should hang up.

Scam callers may also try to impersonate family members, like grandchildren, and try to use family trust and generosity to steal money or information. Again, it is important that you think about what they are asking and why. If you have your grandson’s phone number saved in your phone, why would he be ringing from an unsaved number? Why would your granddaughter tell you she in trouble and asking for money before her parents?

Often scam callers rely on catching you off guard to work their scam, so when you get a phone call form a number you do not recognise you should always remember this, and ask yourself why this person is calling, what are they asking me for, and is this likely to be real? Any legitimate caller will be able to provide all the answers to you, while scam callers will likely try and pressure you into thinking and acting quickly.




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